Taxes and tax disputes

We offer

Tax planning and tax risk management
Assistance with, and explanation of the provisions of the legislation on taxation, individual tax advice
Representation of the Clients' interests on tax issues in the Bureau of Economic Security, other law enforcement agencies
Legal supervision of the tax audits, assistance and consultations during the audits, drafting of the objections to tax audit reports
Appeals against tax notifications / decisions, administrative tax claims, representation of the client's interests with tax authorities
Assistance with defence in court in the litigations regarding tax payment, representation in court hearings and protection of the client's interests in courts of all instances
Drafting of responses to the requests from the tax authorities
Assistance in "unblocking" tax invoices
Assistance with tax lien, inventory of assets in tax lien, revocation of tax lien, write-off of tax arrears
Lawyers’ requests to the tax authorities to obtain necessary information

Why we are

We solve our Clients’ problems fearlessly and professionally
We honestly tell the Client about forecast result
We take responsibility for the solutions we offer
We provide assistance and support to the Client in any situation
In our relations with the Clients we pursue honest financial policy

The contact person

Anastasia Shostak
Director of Smart Tax Solutions LLC, practicing Certified Public Accountant
«A strong desire to learn something is already 50% of success» (Dale Carnegie)
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Vitaliy Voloshyn
Non efficit affectus nisi sequatur effectus” (lat.) Intentions do not matter, if there is no result.
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