Taxation and tax disputes resolution for individuals

We offer

Tax planning of transactions to find solutions with the optimal tax burden
Advice about taxes on your income
Formation of the object of taxation based on the analysis of sources of origin of income
Formation of a taxable object that is controlled by the CFC
Assistance against the risks of criminal liability for tax violations
Defense in criminal proceedings and assistance at the depositions about the facts of tax evasion, non-payment of other duties (payments mandatory by law)
Legal assistance during investigative actions in criminal proceedings (searches, temporary access to things and documents)
Recovery of personal property seized during a search in criminal proceedings on the fact of a crime in the field of economic activity

Why we are

We solve our Clients’ problems fearlessly and professionally
We honestly tell the Client about forecast result
We take responsibility for the solutions we offer
We provide assistance and support to the Client in any situation
In our relations with the Clients we pursue honest financial policy

The contact person

Anastasia Shostak
Director of Smart Tax Solutions LLC, practicing Certified Public Accountant
«A strong desire to learn something is already 50% of success» (Dale Carnegie)
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Vitaliy Voloshyn
«Non efficit affectus nisi sequatur effectus” (lat.) Intentions do not matter, if there is no result.»
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