Veronika Trynchuk
Veronika Trynchuk
Junior Accountant
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Veronika Trynchuk

Junior Accountant

Member of the Smartsolutions team since 2021. Veronika has started researching the field of accounting
and taxation recently, but she already has experience in accounting and tax accounting work for business
entities, sole proprietorships and non-profit organizations.

Favorite Quote
You can't grow, if you don't try to do something beyond what you already know perfectly.
(Ralph W. Emerson)


International Economic Relations
Department of International Trade and Law of the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics


"ACCOUNTING COURSE + 1C ACCOUNTING 8.3 + M.E.DOC" in the DANKO training center
"Accounting for a Private Entrepreneur" at the DANKO training center
"Accounting for foreign economic activity" in the Innovation Training Center


Veronika Trynchuk Major tax legislation changes
In continuation of the review of changes in tax legislation,  we suggest considering what is new in
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