Risk management: crisis and conflict management, anti-raiding

We offer

Legal analysis of ownership structure and asset ownership patterns, identification and recommendations for addressing vulnerabilities
Development and implementation of the measures necessary to ensure security of your property and reduce the risk of misappropriation of your assets
Active counteraction against the corporate raiding attacks that have already happened, registering illegal actions and identifying the persons involved in them
Legal assistance in filing a complaint, and representation of your company at its hearing by the Collegium for the Consideration of State Registration Complaints of the Ministry of Justice
Development and implementation of a strategy for defence in court. Protection of your interests both in courts, and at the stage of enforcement of the court rulings
Assistance in organization of public relations counteraction against raider attacks
Recovery of damages caused by illegal actions of the offenders who were identified

Why we are

We solve our Clients’ problems fearlessly and professionally
We honestly tell the Client about forecast result
We take responsibility for the solutions we offer
We provide assistance and support to the Client in any situation
In our relations with the Clients we pursue honest financial policy

The contact person

Oleksandr Paputsya
Partner, Attorney-at-law
«Knowledge of the laws does not consist in remembering their words, but in comprehending their meaning» (Cicero)
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Кулик Станислав
Stanislav Kulyk
Head of Business Protection Practice, Attorney-at-law
«Ukraine is a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, legal state» (Article 1 of the Constitution of Ukraine)
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