Protection of businesses and their assets

We offer

Analysis of the company's activities, conduct of internal audits, structuring and optimizing the company's activities
Development of comprehensive legal solutions for emerging situations and risks
Audit of the current security system, assessment of existing risks and development of a comprehensive protection strategy
Consulting in the field of information security and data protection, assistance in the implementation of data protection (Cybersecurity)
Audit of intangible assets, their proper arrangement and creation of a protection system
Brand safety&protection and protection of your content on the Internet, including using the automated system SUDUM
Fight against counterfeiting, prevention of "patent trolling", termination of anti-competitive actions against your business
Representation and protection of the interests of our clients in various bodies of government, as well as during the inspections by regulatory authorities
Participation in urgent investigative actions, appealing against their results, arrests, seizures of property, detention of persons
Initiation and support of internal investigations, internal audits
Development and implementation of internal security systems, programs to prevent corruption and corporate fraud
HR audit and specialized corporate trainings
Assistance with investigating transaction counterparts, help to examine transactions
Advising on optimization of taxes, other processes and transactions, bringing them in compliance with the requirements of current legislation
Protection of the reputation of the company, of the images of the owners and managers. Formation of the company’s favorable image in mass media in the conditions of crises and conflicts
Client’s representation and defense in pre-trial investigation, protection of Client’s interests in courts of all instances in any court proceedings

Why we are

We solve our Clients’ problems fearlessly and professionally
We honestly tell the Client about forecast result
We take responsibility for the solutions we offer
We provide assistance and support to the Client in any situation
In our relations with the Clients we pursue honest financial policy

The contact person

Oleksandr Paputsya
Partner, Attorney-at-law
«Knowledge of the laws does not consist in remembering their words, but in comprehending their meaning» (Cicero)
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Кулик Станислав
Stanislav Kulyk
Head of Business Protection Practice, Attorney-at-law
«Ukraine is a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, legal state» (Article 1 of the Constitution of Ukraine)
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