Oleksandr Paputsya
Oleksandr Paputsya
Partner, Attorney-at-law
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Oleksandr Paputsya

Partner, Attorney-at-law

Member of the Smartsolutions team since 2016.
Oleksandr has over 20 years of experience in the field of law. Member of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association and the National Bar Association of Ukraine.

Even during his studies, Oleksandr was engaged in volunteer activities to provide legal assistance as part of a legal charitable foundation. While serving in the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, he was engaged in the fight against crimes in the field of intellectual property and advanced technologies, foreign economic activity and corruption. In law practice, he continued to deal with the protection of intellectual property, as well as the protection of businesses and individuals for malfeasance and economic crimes, in which he has the expertise of more than 15 years.

Favorite Quote
Knowledge of the laws does not consist in remembering their words, but in comprehending their meaning


Master’s degree from the Department of Counteraction against Economic Crimes of the Institute of Internal Affairs of the Donetsk National University
Intellectual Property
Master’s degree from the Institute of Intellectual Property and Law


Effective Communication Techniques
Active negotiations. Basic course
Leadership in Law "Formation of a systemic legal business in new environment"
Advocacy technique in criminal cases ("High School of Advocacy")
Career English online" (U.S. Embassy in Ukraine)
National Bar Association of Ukraine: Advanced Level training
Criminal law & Business protection


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