Mykola Krupka
Mykola Krupka
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Mykola Krupka


Member of the Smartsolutions team since 2016, Mykola has more than 20 years of experience in legal profession, worked in various government agencies and private enterprises. Among other areas of application of law, he worked in the areas of pension provision, legal support as a legal adviser.

Since 2016, he has been a senior lawyer at Smartsolutions, and in 2017 he was licenced for advocacy in courts.

Favorite Quote
Laws should have the same meaning for everyone
C. Montesquieu


Department of Law, T.Shevchenko National University (Kyiv): Master’s Degree in Law
History and Pedagogy
Department of History, Dragomanov State Pedagogical Institute (Kyiv), Master’s Degree in History


“Constitutional rights and freedoms and mechanisms for their protection. Law practice in the field of protection of information rights and freedoms. Participation of a lawyer in the protection of rights in conduct of covert investigative actions”. (Council of Advocates of Poltava region)
“Criminal law risks for lawyers. Protection of their professional rights. The procedure for searching the office or other property of a lawyer. Expert examination in the work of a lawyer. (Council of Advocates of Poltava region)
Judicial Forum of the Ukrainian Bar Association (Ukrainian Bar Association)
"The audits by the State Labour Inspection and tax control 2018" (LLC "LIGA ZAKON")


Mykola Krupka Conditions which court may consider to deprive parental rights
The grounds for deprivation of parental rights of a mother or father are defined by the Family Code
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