Media business and media assets

We offer

Development of the corporate model of relations between partners at the stage of creating a media business
Due Diligence of a business to buy, sell and/or minimize the risks of business structure
Assistance in the registration of media business in Ukraine and abroad, including support in obtaining the necessary permits
Structuring the media business, creation and use of a model of asset protection in business
Building a contractual model of business activity
Full-cycle legal assistance of activity
Protection of the Client’s interests in courts of all instances

Why we are

We solve our Clients’ problems fearlessly and professionally
We take responsibility for the solutions we offer
We honestly tell the Client about forecast result
We provide assistance and support to the Client in any situation
In our relations with the Clients we pursue honest financial policy

The contact person

Вячеслав Миенко
Старший партнер, адвокат
«Будь честен с самим собой и с людьми, всегда делай все вовремя, никогда не сдавайся, иди к своим целям, даже если все плохо» (Стив Джобс)
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Анна Литвищенко
Советник, адвокат
«Ни одна звезда не засияет, пока не найдется человек, который будет держать сзади черное полотно» (Уинстон Черчилль)
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